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Project RIOTER

Built for family adventures, and to get you out on the trails too.

About the Build


I owned a 2003 Extended Cab for 10 years, but it wasn’t the right fit for my family once I had kids. The name Rioter came from rearranging and removing two letters in the word Frontier, just because I could.


The current build is an 03 manual Crew Cab Short Bed 4wd Frontier starting stock, at 231k miles. I'm going to miss the 6ft bed, but I didn't want a longer wheelbase, and I prefer the 2001-2004 model range because of their minimal electronics and gadgets. The goal of this build will be to get my family out on moderate level trails, and I wanted to provide ideas for others who might also own a Frontier, or are thinking of purchasing one. 1st Gen Hangout & this Frontier D22 group both have a bunch of helpful info if you're just getting into these trucks and you want to do a little reading.

Follow the link below to get a run down on all the upgrades I've done, how I did them, and the future plans for this build.


+ Cheaper than most other truck platforms with a good amount of assistance via forums and other online groups

+ Manual transmission and manual 4x4 transfer case

+ Fewer electronics and gadgets to fail vs newer models

+ A 3" lift is much cheaper vs newer model trucks

+ Decent storage behind rear seats

Pie chart with data on truck expensesPie chart with data on truck expenses

- Not all models come with cabin air filters, or even a slot to install them in, but they can be added later

- Front bumper supports break A/C condenser in minor accidents

- The Knock Sensor is a pain to replace

- The 6th spark plug is a pain to replace

- Wasted storage below rear seats


Thinking about purchasing a Frontier and have questions? Looking to upgrade your current Frontier? Send me a message below, to, or via the Chat icon in the bottom right, and I'd love to help you out! You can also contact me via Instagram @four.x.fab

Adventures of the RIOTER
Adventures of the RIOTER