1st gen Frontier has received a few accessory upgrades, most of which are pretty simple, but have made it look or operate a little better.

8/30/20224 min read

Fender Paint

Dupli-Colors Trim & Bumper paint worked out great for restoring the fenders and front grill plastics from their weathered old grey look, back to a nice OEM color. It has not had any peeling or flaking issues since they were painted in August 2022.

Dupli-Color Trim & Bumper Paint TB101 - $13

Hidden Fender Horn

This gives me a little more toot, but without wasting usable space.
The blue wire on the horn relay was spliced into the OEM horn, so both will fire at the same time when the steering wheel button is pressed. With the included relay, you have a few options as far as being able to use or disable the horn via the flip of an extra switch.
Compressor was mounted to an existing hole in the fender near the battery, and the horn was mounted to the inner fender with rivets. Everything is then protected by the plastic cover inside the fender.

GAMPRO 150db 12V Air Horn - $33

Lloyd Floor Mats

These Lloyd Rubbertite floor mats replaced the stock, worn-through carpet mats, normal for 240k miles in a manual.
They seem nice and stout, and came pre-cut for my truck.

Lloyd Rubbertite Floor Mats - $85

Fire Extinguisher & Mount

I hope to never need it, but wanted a fire extinguisher mounted out of the way, with quick access. Under the lip of the front drivers seat seemed perfect, and I fabricated a mount which gets bolted to the seats left side mounting point, while still having quick access to the release strap. Seat slider is completely functional, and I'm still able to fit other things under the seat such as ratchet straps and more ratchet straps.

First Alert Fire Extinguisher - $24
Set of 4 15ft Ratchet Straps - $26

Power Inverter & Mount

A Bestek 500w power inverter was mounted underneath the front passenger seat to make the most of the available room in this cab. Seat slider is completely functional, and I'm still able to fit other things under the seat such as jumper cables and more. The inverter came with battery clamps for when more than 150w is required, which is the max you should run over the cigarette lighter.
6 gauge wire will be run through the firewall for full power capacity.

Bestek 500W Power Inverter - $70
10ft of 6 Gauge Power Wire - $23

Grenade Shifter Knob

I had one in my first Jeep Wrangler, and you should just keep in mind that your fingers could be a little chilly on those cold days, until the truck warms up. The old knob could be a little hard to remove with the factory thread lock, but it should twist off, counter clock-wise. I drilled a 5/16th inch hole at the desired angle that I wanted the grenade to sit at while in 4th gear, and then used a 10x1.25mm hand tap to give it the proper threading. Screw it on, and you can use small plastic washers to make adjustments if it doesn't end up at the right position after being properly tightened. Most inert hand grenades will come with the bottom drilled out, so I put a little JB Weld in the hole, then left it standing up on a non-stick surface, so it would dry with a smooth flat end. To prevent the pin from rattling while driving, I put a small piece of clear tubing on the ring, and then the pin goes around the tubing. If you don't feel like buying a whole roll of tubing just for that, message me your address and I'll send you piece in the mail for free.

Inert Hand Grenade - $15

ScanGauge II

This was purchased over a decade ago, and has been put to good use. I keep it mounted to my dash with velcro, but it comes off easily if I want to read codes from another vehicle. Besides reading diagnostic codes, it also gives you the readings for many other stats apart from what the dash shows.

These are the four stats that I like to leave up;

- Correct MPH (adjusted for the 33" tires)
- Current MPG
- Average trip MPG
- Battery Voltage or Engine Temp

ScanGuage II OBD2 Code Reader - $160

The complete list of links for accessories installed can be found here.

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