Cargo Lights

This 1st gen Frontier rear tube bumper received additional cargo lights attached to it for hugely improved rear lighting.

2/22/20202 min read


I was looking for a little more light in the rear which can be helpful when setting up camp at night. It wasn't imperative that these lights never fail, so I went with the cheapo Amazon LED's. I welded two mounting tabs to my bumper, as extra lighting was a known requirement for that build.


To power them, I wired them into the same hot wire as the cargo bed lights dash switch, so that they come on together. With this setup, they can only be turned on when the key is in the Aux position, which is fine for me.


The ground wire was attached to an existing ground point below the dash, behind the carpet on the right side of the front passenger floor. The wires were then routed down along the carpet edge, out the rubber boot shown in the picture and along the frame rail.


The wires are run through the red split wire loom along the frame rail, to the passenger side rear light, and then split off to the drivers side rear.

The complete list of items used can be found in the Parts List below.