Front Lighting

The front headlight housings currently need a major overhaul, but I have something custom planned which should make this 1st Gen Frontier stand out. Below are some other lighting upgrades which you might find helpful.

10/28/20223 min read


We're currently working on collaborating with another 1st Gen Frontier owner, to create custom front headlight housings. If you're looking for something unique, feel free to reach out to Josh at Automotive Electronic Solutions, who can build you custom projector headlights that look great!

Additional Day Time Running Lights

KC HiLite Amber Cyclones were hooked into the OEM side marker/DRL wire for power.

Fog Lights

Prior to the front tube bumper being installed, these fog lights fit very nicely in the stock bumper, and they are LED with a great cutoff pattern so as to not blind on-coming drivers.

Fog light relay wire was spliced into running light power wire first, followed by an internally mounted power switch, to allow them to be turned off separately if so desired.

Spot Beams

The spot beams really help brighten up the night, and the relay is spliced into the high beam power wire so that they come on at the same time as the high beams.

The complete list of items used can be found in the Parts List below. Links may include affiliate referrals.

Ditch Lights

Hood mounts were fabricated for a CB antenna that was installed, and I included holes for ditch lights if I were to ever decide to run any, but this is just a demo of what it would look like with them on.