Hood Struts

This 1st gen Frontier received a nice hood strut convenience upgrade.

4/4/20201 min read

Redline Tuning Struts Installed

Hood struts are a nice little perk every time you open the hood.

Redline Tuning does not sell a 1st gen Frontier kit anymore, so you just need to buy the 1st gen Xterra kit, which is the same thing.

Easy Install

Let me clarify...if the fender bolt (located at the bottom of the strut pictured above) does not snap off when you remove it, these struts are a very easy install with a drill, rivet gun, and a 12mm wrench. The little rubber bump stop (located right next to the fuse box), needs to be removed on both sides of the engine bay as well.

The complete list of items used can be found in the Parts List below.