Rear Leaf Spring Lift

This 1st gen Frontier received new leaf springs for a rear lift of 3 inches.

3/28/20202 min read

3/1 Leaf Pack

It was built from a leaf pack with 2 inches of lift, and then the shop added an extra leaf to give it the 3 inches of desired height. I personally love the ride. It's not too bouncy or stiff feeling.

Old vs New

The old leaf pack actually bent in a "W" over the axle, so this pack brought some new life to the truck with a few extra inches of travel.
Be sure not to let the axle down too far as you will rip the brake lines out of their connections.

Installation Trick

One trick I learned was to hook a ratchet strap to the frame near the front of the leaf eyelet and sling it around the brake drum, so that the axle can't slide backwards when the springs are removed.
The overall removal and installation was fairly easy, and just requires a floor jack, jack stands, ratchet strap, 17 & 22mm wrenches, and 19mm sockets.

Before and After

This after picture also shows the front lifted ~3in, which was accomplished by tightening the front torsion bars, with instructions which can be viewed here.

The complete list of items used can be found in the Parts List below.