Resonator Delete

The resonators were deleted on this 1st gen Frontier, and we've put a kit together to save you time if you were interested in doing the same.

4/24/20213 min read

The Fender Insides

Although there are future plans for installing a snorkel, the first step would be to remove this giant piece of plastic from inside the fender. It also makes the V6 a little more enjoyable to listen to when the resonators are removed. Some people claim improvements in fuel economy and horsepower, but I'm not sure if I noticed any.

There should be 9 bolts holding the fender in place. The hardest one to get to is located under the plastic cover near the wiper units.

Main Resonator Removal

There is a rubber headed stud on each side of the largest resonator which holds it to the inner fender, and you can just rock the resonator up and down several times and give it a tug because the studs are just glued against the fender walls.

The hole on the far left of the above picture is the main air intake (which also has the air intake sensor attached to it), and the hole which the largest resonator came out of will be what I will eventually end up connecting the snorkel into.

Smallest Resonator Removal

The small resonator attached near the radiator is the easiest one to remove. After the large resonator is removed, that port will now act as the new air inlet, and the old inlet tube can be removed along with the smallest resonator. I used a 2.75" cap with a 7/8" hole drilled through it for the air intake sensor. If you source the parts, you'll want to pickup a slightly larger hose clamp, as the one that comes with the 2.75" cap is a little too small, after it's stretched around that port.

All Four of These Get Removed

All this plastic can be removed from the engine bay and fender area.
Although it's not a complex task to source the caps required to delete the resonators and keep the stock intake, it did take some time getting the wrong sizes before I found the right sizes.

To make it easier, I've assembled a resonator delete cap kit which can be purchased here.

The complete list of items used can be found in the Parts List below.

Medium Resonator Removal

This resonator was fairly simple to remove and just took a little wiggling to get out from underneath the hoses surrounding it. I used a 1.5" cap to seal that. It's a very tight fit to get on, but makes for an airtight seal.