Sway Bar Delete

This 1st gen Frontier had the OEM sway bar removed for increased suspension travel.

8/16/20202 min read

With Sway Bar Installed

I built this ramp in order to get an idea of how much change I could see when removing the sway bars. Measurements were taken with all four tires on the ground. With the sway bar installed and stock 30" tires, I was able to get 16" of clearance under the front tire.

With Sway Bar Removed

With the sway bar removed, I was able to get 19" of clearance under the stock 30" tire, and you can see that the tire tucks up a little closer to the fender.

With Sway Bar Removed and 33" Tires

With my 33" tires installed and fully aired up, I was able to get 21" of clearance underneath the front tire with the sway bar removed and all four tires on the ground. The front tire does rub just a little, but it's not an issue with the trimmed plastic and metal.

Rear Tuck

The rear tire tucks up perfectly into the fender.

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Bump Stops

At full flex, both upper and lower bump stops touch in the front, and the rear bump stop is pretty close on the compressed side. I'm thinking low profile bump stops would help a little.